Eric is an accomplished motion graphics designer and art director based in Raleigh, NC, with 10 years of professional experience spanned across multiple industries including video, print and interactive. Eric has also accrued a lot of experience in the event space, having built multiple event intro videos, keynote presentations and booth experiences for large conferences attended by thousands.

He originally studied print design, in conjunction with becoming self taught in animation in his spare time. After working in television, a cutting edge interactive agency, and a traditional agency, Eric currently resides at an in house agency for a leading worldwide software company with over 11,000 employees.

His passion is for art direction. Not only helping to craft stories and steer creative projects, but to help develop and elevate other designers around him. Empowering and helping others is a passion for him. Growing talent is not only incredibly important for agencies but also for the talent. Inspiring passion into other designers is incredibly important to retaining talent as well.

Eric is currently available for hire. Feel free reach out if you have work you would like to collaborate on.